BACnet Integration Level Device - BACnet Web Embedded Controller



WC-RB series controller is a B-BC class BACnet LAN communication integration controller. It has Router function, Stand alone, and Web Embedded operating system. It is suitable for use in buildings where there is a need to remotely manage the electrical and mechanical equipment, via a web browser.

The WC-RB series can monitor and control mechanical and electrical equipment in real-time and can be accessed via an on-site client workstation or remote Web Browser. Programming, Calculations and Web Pages can be generated by using BACsoft software (No other software needed).


  • A web page embedded (Web Embedded) operating system.
  • Use 32-bit high performance MCU, frequency 180MHz.
  • With 64MB SDRAM and 16MB program memory space, the control program memory can be permanently preserved.
  • A 100M Ethernet interface, optional BACnet Ethernet (ISO-8802-2) or BACnet / IP communications.
  • One MS / TP (Master-Slave / Token-Passing) RS-485 port, can connect 32 DDC controllers (WC-RB12 only), communication speed up to 76,800 bps, transmission distance 1,200 meters, communication interface with 2,500 Vrms isolation and TVS ARRAY potential over voltage protection design.
  • One EIMnet port, can connect 12 EIM expansion modules. (Only WC-FB11 and WC-FB12 only).
  • One MSnet port, can connect DSP20U control panel (Only WC-FB11 and WC-FB12 only).
  • Can be edited online, download the control logic program, and support for online real-time program debugging.
  • A proportional, integral, differential, floating, logic, arithmetic and other operations functions and support subroutine computing functions.
  • Real-time clock, 20 Calendars, 200 Schedules, 20 Notification Class, 200 Event Enrollments, 200 Trend-logs, standard BACnet object. Schedules and event enrollments support external object access function.
  • Possessed 1,000 analog value (AV) points, 1,000 binary value (BV) points. The BV points have the priority function.

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